Monday, October 24, 2016

Check NTC ADSL Expiry Date

Posted By: Nepal News - 4:44 AM
Nepal Telecom provides broadband service in Nepal via existing copper cable network infrastructure. Its internet service is one of the popular and reliable among Nepali internet users. You will get prior message from NTC about your ADSL expiration date, or you can also check it online through ADSL customer self care website. You can click on the following URL to access ADSL self care website.

What is my user id & password of ADSL self care panel?

Your WSC ID (which you can get on payment receipt ) is your username as well as password. This ID is in the form wsc_12345. You can also ask your username by calling NTC office.
Since the default user name and passwords are set to be same(WSC ID), customers are requested to change it as soon as they log into the ADSL self care portal.

Note: Here you can check NTC ADSL expiry date online. You can also check this by SMS. Click here

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